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"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility."

Couples often come in for counseling at a point where they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Communication has broken down, they lack trust, and intimacy no longer exists. Giving yourselves a chance to address this in therapy increases your chance of resolution.

I expect a serious commitment from you in our work together. I expect you to be open to learning, growing, and receiving feedback that will relate directly to your role in the relationship. I expect you to try not to be defensive, to communicate when you are, and to commit to altering the behaviors that are damaging to the relationship. When these conditions are met, their is an excellent chance that your relationship will wind up in a stronger place than it’s ever been in before.

Prior to beginning therapy, I ask both individuals in the relationship to complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup. Developed from over 40 years of research, this relationship assessment relies on intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information on why relationships succeed or fail. This assessment not only scores a couple’s strengths and challenges, it also provides detailed clinical feedback and suggestions for a treatment plan with specific recommendations for intervention. 

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